Week of 10/3/2016

    This week I focused on really getting the main mechanic working and fiddling around with that. You can now call down your magic cauldron from the sky in shining god ray of doom and thrown the cauldron at some enemies to knock them back! Once the cauldron is down you can pickup ingredients and throw them into the cauldron to brew them into a potion or alchemical beings. So far you can brew shrink, speed and poison potions. You can also resurrect slimes by putting their parts back together or creat a new companion slime by mixing them together. I decided that you would only ever brew two ingredients together, that way it's easy to remember and not so frustrating. There's still a lot of tweaking I want to do with the system. I've been brainstorming some of the first dungeon and over world. My goal with the demo is to make it as friendly as possible and have it really teach the player the mechanics in a level design sort of way. I think my design struggles a bit with obstuseness right now. One of the biggest hurdles is resources, I don't want the player to accidentally use the ingredients in the wrong way so I've been thinking a lot about how that can be prevented. The other main thing I've been thinking about is enemies, I need to start getting some more variety beyond slimes... they are starting to get boring.


  • Holding 'Z' summons your magic cauldron from the sky
  • Completely refactored player code to use a state system and be clean
  • Removed some objects and code no longer relevant or that needs to be completely recoded
  • Improved player animation and control, especailly pushing blocks
  • Items can be thrown into the cauldron
  • 'Pickupable super class for picking up/throwing items, items have shadows when thrown
  • Shrink, speed, poison and slimes can be brewed
  • Yellow friendly slime added
  • Rocks and boulders
  • Flowers drop seeds