Week of 9/26/2016

    Witchy is a top down Adventure/RPG with heavy influence from S(NES)/GBC Legend of Zelda games. The main mechanic is that you can pickup and collect various ingredients in the world and brew them into potions for use in combat and solving puzzles. I've been working on Witchy for a few months now. Most of that time has been spent on engine work and trying to decide on some design aspects. I think I've got a solid idea of how I want the mechanics to function now, so I've decided that I'm going to spend the next month and half or so creating a demo including one dungeon and a bit of an overworld. Then I want to release the demo for free and get lots of feedback!


  • Implemented setting the map path using the config
  • Cleaned up some map api legacy code
  • Fixed a bug with gates
  • Player now swings a staff that knocks enemies back using the action key 'Z'
  • Added a pit tile that slimes can dumbly jump into.
  • Improved the editor with the addition of fill bucket and ctrl+z history
  • Implemented AI for red slimes so they bullrush towards the player
  • Slimes now split into little happy slime cubes
  • The player can now pick up and holding certain objects above their head (flowers, frogs, slime cubes) and then throw them!